Words of Change.

 Mythology brings Social Relevance to Political Realities

Magical realism explores the dark space we all occupy, and how the real-life strengths we possess help transcend the absurdities of life.

Technology elements are interwoven with animal speak in antihero driven adventures that have the gravitas of true-life stories but include the fun stuff; love, sex, kicking ass and saving animals.

Animal Love

Magical realism makes the impossible dream of saving animals a reality. Book sale profits are generously contributed to a number of animal rescue campaigns and organizations such as ASPCA and Sea Shepherd.

Living Global Awareness.

There should be more commercial fiction with culturally diverse and non-traditional characters that are not  perfect but who own their problems and manifest solutions to inspire and cultivate curious minds.  

COSMIC DIVAS taps into serious real life concepts with gritty fictional characters living abroad as they investigate metaphysical aspects of their universal spiritual journeys of self-discovery.

Quarantine Confessional

Stories from the abyss of the Pandemic 

Blue Dot Club

Tumbleweeds, sex clubs and military parades from a dystopian future.

Rutabaga Suicide

Grocery store hook-ups can be dangerous...be careful what you tinder.