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After writing her first choose-your-own-adventure at the age of seven, K. Rose knew her calling. Before and during travels, Kamala Rose worked as an IATSE stagehand, a technical writer at an international billing software company, a grant writer, movie theater usher in high school, limousine driver in college, a legal secretary, a TEFL English Teacher in Central Europe and as a researcher at a children’s psychiatric hospital in Florida.

Working at corporate offices throughout the world, K. Rose lived in Prague for several years and spent time in Seville, Kiel, various parts of the U.K. and Tel Aviv for research. Kamala spent a few years teaching yoga but her career in technology has given her the tools to productively channel the creative chaos that is her imagination.

When she’s not writing, K. Rose enjoys practicing ashtanga yoga, reading, photography, and travel.

Mythology brings Social Relevance to Political Realities

Magical realism explores the reality we all occupy, through the lens of historical paradigm shifts and provides a more entertaining canvas upon which to disect and transcend the absurdities of life.

Technology elements are interwoven with animal speak in antihero driven adventures that have the gravitas of true-life stories but include a solid dose of fun stuff; love, sex, magical powers, kicking ass and saving animals.

Living Global Awareness

There should be more commercial fiction with culturally diverse and non-traditional characters that are not perfect but who own their problems and manifest solutions to inspire and cultivate curious minds.

Yoga Background

COSMIC DIVAS taps into serious real life concepts with gritty fictional characters’ and their metaphysical spiritual journeys of self-discovery.

Animal Love

Book sale profits are shared with animal rescue campaigns and organizations such as ASPCA and Sea Shepherd.

Story Junkie

Book fiend on a mission to spread the joy and love of reading to as many as possible with realistic magical tales of anti-hero adventure and travel mayhem.

Yoga of Writing

Tips and tricks to inspire creative mindfilness

Animal Causes

Helping vulnerable animals and keeping pets in safe and loving homes takes entire communities.

Author Bio

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Kamala Rose

Author Bio


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