Gratitude & Mindfulness

Tranquility is acknowledging one thing to be grateful for every day, A daily ritual that has the power to take both writing and yoga practice to the next level.

Individuality, Persistence & Freedom

Every moment of a yoga session, be thankful, and look forward to where they both lead. This extends the desire, and the ability, to write, rejuvenate and evolve.


Gratitude & Mindfulness

Express gratitude in every pose, from Tadasana to Savasana. With every transition, and breath, gratitude in motion. The air in your lungs, the burn in your muscles, the triumph of good balance or nailing a difficult pose, the calm and rejuvenated feeling after a good yoga sequence is reflected in a stellar new plot development (often inspired by the muse during corpse pose).

Meditation is the foundation of yoga. A true mind-body practice takes you beyond physical exercises, you spend a few minutes in a sitting meditation. This is when you “check out” from the external world and “check in” with your body, using slow, deep breaths to focus on and release tension or physical stress – and to empty your mind of thoughts.

For some students, the latter might seem like a Herculean feat. But it can be done, with patience, practice, and a visualization technique. What makes this meditation so powerful is how it intensifies your concentration. For the rest of the class, your sense of balance is steadier, your stretches deeper, and your ability to catch the subtle nuances of each pose clearer. So, by meditating at the start of a yoga session, you’re ensuring that you’ll reap every possible benefit from your practice.


Distinctive perspectives of a yoga practice parlay into a deeper, more focused writing life. No two bodies are exactly alike. Everyone experiences yoga differently. Most instructors recognize this; and instead of forcing students to copy or memorize, they emphasize finding what feels authentic. In other words, if it doesn't resonate, switch to a different pose that still offers a workout but without the pain.

A writer’s experience is also unique. Some writers pants their stories; others prefer to outline first. Some prepare a beverage, light a candle, or do a quick writing exercise before getting started. It’s impossible to compare one another’s writing process. Each is shaped by our particular circumstances, psychology, and personal tastes. So, like with finding what feels good in yoga, the true best practice for writing is what works best for you.


Never give up. There are plenty of yoga poses that might take a while for your body – and brain – to feel strong and steady enough to tackle. As long as you keep doing yoga, someday you’ll master them. Or, at least a few of them.

The same persistence pays off with writing. Every project, and every step you take to see each project through to fruition, is its own challenge. There will be setbacks, but the only way past any challenge is by meeting and overcoming it. If you want to succeed as a writer, you have to keep trying, learning, and making mistakes. You have to keep writing. And just as you’ll eventually complete an advanced yoga posture after months (or even years) of practice, you’ll eventually reach your biggest writing goals.


Yoga is a mind-body practice. The mental and spiritual aspects, from deep breathing to meditation, are just as important as the physical exercise. Studies have shown that yoga can reduce stress and anxiety, as well as alleviate depression and enhance your overall sense of well-being. But all the proof you need comes after class, in how you feel relaxed, re-energized, and more balanced than when you arrived.

Writing is a different kind of practice, with complementary results. Physically it demands energy (it might not seem so, since you’re sitting, but it really does). Mentally, however, it can be an incredible emotional release. It doesn’t matter if you’re journaling or working on a manuscript. Giving yourself free rein to express thoughts, vent frustrations, or acknowledge fears can leave you feeling lighter and clearheaded – much like how you feel after yoga. Imagine what can happen, then, if you make both activities part of your routine. It works.

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